About the presentation

On 8 September 2018, I made a simple presentation on what is a blockchain. I hope that you enjoy the presentation!

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The majority of the audience, surprisingly, had heard of Bitcoin, but hadn't heard about blockchain.

Some of those in the audience had heard about blockchain, but did not know that it was associated with Bitcoin.

In any case, it is important for you to know: Bitcoin was the first use case of the blockchain!

Why Bitcoin is amazing

Among other things, Bitcoin is amazing because:

  • It does not need a central authority to keep track of the number of bitcoins in circulation;
  • It does not need a central authority to keep track of bitcoin transactions;
  • It is resistant to tampering and hacking through Proof of Work and the use of hash to ensure integrity of records;
  • It can be transmitted anywhere, anytime, as long as the recipient has a Bitcoin wallet;
  • People from faraway countries can transact with each other easily;
  • Bitcoin has a public ledger which is perfectly auditable, making it possible to track the movement of bitcoins

Bitcoin has the potential to become one of the international currencies of the future, alongside the US Dollar, the Euro, and the Yuan.